The Importance of Pollinators

Step outside on a sunny day, and you’ll probably see ants and butterflies. Step outside after a storm, and mosquitoes will attack you. Insects are a part of lifeā€”some more annoying than others. While every insect plays a role in the ecosystem, you could argue that pollinators are the most important, but you’ve probably heard […]

How to Be an Effective Lazy Gardener

Gardening can be tough work. Pulling weeds when the mid-summer temperatures are skyrocketing is just too much. Keeping track of when and what to plant and prune, making sure everything is all watered…it’s a lot! Your garden might look messy and overgrown when things get out of hand. You might feel like a lazy gardener, […]

How to Start Gardening

Growing plants has been practiced for centuries, but backyard gardening has seen a resurgence in recent years. Whether it’s due to rising food costs or the spare time everyone had in 2020, it seems like more people are getting their hands dirty in the soil these days. Have you caught the gardening bug but don’t […]